Sun and Sundry celebrates coastal living by offering thoughtfully curated essentials that enhance your time spent outdoors.

Sun and Sundry sells high quality, 100% Turkish cotton towels - sourced directly from Bursa, Turkey - that have been a European staple for centuries.

Lightweight, super absorbent, fast-drying, compact and soft, our stylish towels suit your every need.  Ideal for the bath, beach, boat, lake, pool, lawn, kitchen and bar, our machine washable towels are loomed to last.   And like a fine wine, or the friends you choose to share it with, our towels only improve with age.

Sun and Sundry also offers a selection of complementary products including natural sunscreen and bug spray, after sun care, games and accessories to further elevate your outdoor experience.

In honor of our surroundings, a percentage of our annual net profits are donated to organizations focused on cleaning up our oceans, the natural environment, and our local community.


Sun: [suhn] noun  1. The star around which the earth orbits.  2. The light or warmth received from the earth’s sun. verb 1. To sit or lie in the sun.

Sundry: [sun·dry \ˈsəәn-drē \] adjective  Miscellaneous, various, made up of different things.