About Us

Sun and Sundry celebrates coastal living. We offer stylish, thoughtfully curated provisions to enhance your time spent outside.

We provide 100% cotton Turkish towels - a European staple for centuries - and complementary products for bath, beach, lawn and table. 

Re-think your towel - Turkish towels are:

  • Super-absorbent – They sop up more water than standard terry towels
  • Lightweight – They're ideal to throw in your bag for whatever adventure you have in store for your day
  • Fast-drying – They dry quickly - even when out of the sun - so they never smell musty
  • Compact – They take up less room in your gym or beach bag, dorm, drawer or closet, and can easily be cleaned in your sink, or under a hose or shower

  • Soft – Turkish towels get softer with every wash

  • Eco-friendly – Made using semi-automatic looms and natural dyes, their production is less harmful to the environment than many textile processes. As they dry so quickly, they don't need to be washed as often, saving water. Compact and lightweight, they use less electricity to dry

    The uses for Turkish towels are endless:

- Throw one in your bag and go! You won't be weighed down even if you get stuck hauling towels for your entire family whether at the beach, the pool, the lake, or just doing laundry

- Show your spirit in your dorm, shower, as a seat cushion, or for warmth as a stadium blanket in the autumn with a towel in your team's color

- Use as a stylish sarong in the summer or scarf in the fall

- Great as table cloths, picnic blankets, or for outdoor concerts

- Awesome swim team towels since they dry between meets

- Ideal in your gym or tennis bag to combat sweat, or as a yoga mat on the beach

Luxurious yet durable, Turkish towels also make great guest bathroom or bar towels.


Our Story

Sun and Sundry was started in scenic Cape May, NJ in 2016 by Becky Walder.  An advocate for sustainability with a passion for the outdoors and design, she obsesses over Turkish towels for their inherent combination of practicality and style. 

Becky discovered the towels during her time spent traveling throughout Europe.  While camping in Ios, Greece she found the towels especially indispensable for their use as a blanket, pillow, sarong, picnic blanket, beach and bath towel - sometimes all in the same day.  She warns you may not want to sit next to her at a dinner party, or she'll tell you more than you ever wanted to know about their history and looming process.

Sun and Sundry offers a stylish selection of 100% Turkish cotton towels sourced directly from Bursa, Turkey in addition to complementary products thoughtfully sourced to have a social mission, be made locally, use organic ingredients, and/or be environmentally responsible whenever possible. 

To honor our surroundings, 3% of the annual net profits of Sun and Sundry are donated to charities focused on improving the health of our oceans, our natural environment, and our local community.

For more information, please contact us at sunandsundry@gmail.com or call 415-939-7590.